Entretien avec Jan Gasparovic, Artiste (avril 2015)

Entretien avec Jan Gasparovic, Artiste (avril 2015)

MF : Dear Jan. You are an artist and you use sometimes glass, among other materials and media. We have began a research concerning contemporary creations combining glass and new technologies “in the digital age”. The idea is to observe what happens when glass and new technologies are combined (aesthetic, artistic, poetic, plastic, symbolic, critic dimensions). To begin, I want to ask you a simple question : Which new technologies you use and why did you choose these new technologies ?

JG : I use the basic physical laws of creation. My approach is almost analog (sound and light) Next, an electronic device to generate and simulate these laws. Now I am preparing a project where I use a computer controlled laser generation of sound waves on a glass surface.

MF : What is the place of digital technologies in your works ? New technologies generate forms and ideas ? Or vice-versa ? Or there is always a subtle balance between ideas, shapes and new technologies ?

JG : There is a certain balance but I feel that the scores at me prevalent form and idea influenced by technology or rather natural science, only science.

MF : What can you say about the impact of new technologies in glass creations today ? Do you  think that new technologies new way of thinking creation in general ? Do you think that new technologies can enrich the glass creation (aesthetic, artistic, formal, dimensions) ?

JG : Of Course. This process is so obvious that you can not even imagine these two things separated.

MF : Do you think that new technologies generate new ways of thinking creation in  general?

JG : Exactly the same as in the previous answer. Our whole philosophy is influenced by technology, so it will be in the future it surely.

MF : Which are the limits in the use of digital technologies in glass art today ?

JG : Only the limit on the material properties and moral questions as in all.

MF : The use of new technologies should be accompanied by critical reflection on new technologies themselves in social, political, ecological, economic, terms ?

JG : One hundred percent yes

MF : Could give us relevant example of artists or designers whom use new technologies or critic them, in glass art or glass design ?

JG : In my view, this is definitely Asot Haas in Slovakia.

Photo : Jan Gasparovic, Art of Noise Noise of Art, 2007.