Besides, the city is not a tree

Besides, the city is not a tree

Annie Abrahams & Martina Ruhsam

#6pmeu / 22 juillet 2015 à 18h00.

Besides, the city is not a tree est la dernière version de la performance d'Annie Abrahams et Martina Ruhsam. En collaboration avec Oudeis et dans le cadre de l'événement 6pm, your local time, vous pouvez retrouver et suivre la performance en streaming sur

Simultanément, Oudeis mettra en place un dispositif pour documenter et réagir durant la performance via son twitter. Le tout sera relayé sur le site de 6pm où vous pourrez retrouver l'ensemble des événements.

Extrait issu du site internet d'Annie Abrahams :

On Object Agency. As an assemblage of text-fragments and daily objects this live-performance is a series of linkages and open relations between words and banal things. What do words, a pencil and a stone have in common? Does the stone change when being confronted by a hammer? What changes if it is replaced by a pill? Does the image of a spoon change the thought or does the thought change the thing?

For besides, the person I am becoming, for one month we collected text – overheard phrases, poetry, magazine, academic citations and objects. While preparing we decided the objects should not be personal, not be too beautifull, as ordinary, casual, daily as possible. We wanted the objects to act as much as the words we selected from our collection. This resulted in what Igor Stromajer called a "theory-meditation".
For besides, the city is not a tree we want to try out another more narrative version of the text collection, to speed up the rhytm and to see what meaning might arise from such a text object layering.


Vidéo de la performance

besides, the city is not a tree from Annie Abrahams on Vimeo.

"besides, the city is not a tree"
On Object Agency

online performance
Martina Ruhsam & Annie Abrahams
22 07 2015 6pm

Galerie issue des flux générés durant la performance

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